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  • v1.13.0
    Release v1.13.0 Ugly Duckling
    2023-01-31 v1.13.0 "Ugly Duckling"
      This release includes more Neon and AVX2 optimizations, adds a new codec
      control to set per frame QP, upgrades GoogleTest to v1.12.1, and includes
      numerous bug fixes.
    - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI incompatible with the previous release.
        New codec control VP9E_SET_QUANTIZER_ONE_PASS to set per frame QP.
        GoogleTest is upgraded to v1.12.1.
        .clang-format is upgraded to clang-format-11.
        VPX_EXT_RATECTRL_ABI_VERSION was bumped due to incompatible changes to the
        feature of using external rate control models for vp9.
    - Enhancement:
        Numerous improvements on Neon optimizations.
        Numerous improvements on AVX2 optimizations.
        Additional ARM targets added for Visual Studio.
    - Bug fixes:
        Fix to calculating internal stats when frame dropped.
        Fix to segfault for external resize test in vp9.
        Fix to build system with replacing egrep with grep -E.
        Fix to a few bugs with external RTC rate control library.
        Fix to make SVC work with VBR.
        Fix to key frame setting in VP9 external RC.
        Fix to -Wimplicit-int (Clang 16).
        Fix to VP8 external RC for buffer levels.
        Fix to VP8 external RC for dynamic update of layers.
        Fix to VP9 auto level.
        Fix to off-by-one error of max w/h in validate_config.
        Fix to make SVC work for Profile 1.
  • v1.13.0-rc1
    Release Candidate 1 v1.13.0 Ugly Duckling
  • v1.12.0
    Release v1.12.0 Torrent Duck
    2022-06-17 v1.12.0 "Torrent Duck"
      This release adds optimizations for Loongarch, adds support for vp8 in the
      real-time rate control library, upgrades GoogleTest to v1.11.0, updates
      libwebm to libwebm-, and includes numerous bug fixes.
    - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI compatible with the previous release.
        vp8 support in the real-time rate control library.
        New codec control VP8E_SET_RTC_EXTERNAL_RATECTRL is added.
        Configure support for darwin21 is added.
        GoogleTest is upgraded to v1.11.0.
        libwebm is updated to libwebm-
    - Enhancement:
        Numerous improvements on checking memory allocations.
        Optimizations for Loongarch.
        Code clean-up.
    - Bug fixes:
        Fix to a crash related to {vp8/vp9}_set_roi_map.
        Fix to compiling failure with -Wformat-nonliteral.
        Fix to integer overflow with vp9 with high resolution content.
        Fix to AddNoiseTest failure with ARMv7.
        Fix to libvpx Null-dereference READ in vp8.
  • v1.12.0-rc1
    Release Candidate 1 v1.12.0 Torrent Duck
  • v1.11.0
    Release v1.11.0 Smew Duck
    2021-09-27 v1.11.0 "Smew Duck"
      This maintenance release adds support for VBR mode in VP9 rate control
      interface, new codec controls to get quantization parameters and loop filter
      levels, and includes several improvements to NEON and numerous bug fixes.
      - Upgrading:
        New codec control is added to get quantization parameters and loop filter
        VBR mode is supported in VP9 rate control library.
      - Enhancement:
        Numerous improvements for Neon optimizations.
        Code clean-up and refactoring.
        Calculation of rd multiplier is changed with BDRATE gains.
      - Bug fixes:
        Fix to overflow on duration.
        Fix to several instances of -Wunused-but-set-variable.
        Fix to avoid chroma resampling for 420mpeg2 input.
        Fix to overflow in calc_iframe_target_size.
        Fix to disallow skipping transform and quantization.
        Fix some -Wsign-compare warnings in simple_encode.
        Fix input file path in simple_encode_test.
        Fix valid range for under/over_shoot pct.
  • v1.11.0-rc1
    Release Candidate v1.11.0 Smew Duck
  • v1.10.0
    Release v1.10.0 Ruddy Duck
    2021-03-09 v1.10.0 "Ruddy Duck"
      This maintenance release adds support for darwin20 and new codec controls, as
      well as numerous bug fixes.
      - Upgrading:
        New codec control is added to disable loopfilter for VP9.
        New encoder control is added to disable feature to increase Q on overshoot
        detection for CBR.
        Configure support for darwin20 is added.
        New codec control is added for VP9 rate control. The control ID of this
        interface is VP9E_SET_EXTERNAL_RATE_CONTROL. To make VP9 use a customized
        external rate control model, users will have to implement each callback
        function in vpx_rc_funcs_t and register them using libvpx API
        vpx_codec_control_() with the control ID.
      - Enhancement:
        Use -std=gnu++11 instead of -std=c++11 for c++ files.
      - Bug fixes:
        Override assembler with --as option of configure for MSVS.
        Fix several compilation issues with gcc 4.8.5.
        Fix to resetting rate control for temporal layers.
        Fix to the rate control stats of SVC example encoder when number of spatial
        layers is 1.
        Fix to reusing motion vectors from the base spatial layer in SVC.
        2 pass related flags removed from SVC example encoder.
  • v1.10.0-rc2
    libvpx v1.10.0 Ruddy Duck Release Candidate 2
    Updated AUTHORS
    Bumped up library versions
  • v1.10.0-rc1
    Release candidate 1 for v1.10.0 ruddy
  • v1.9.0
    6516e974 · Update CHANGELOG ·
    Release v1.9.0 Quacking Duck
  • v1.9.0-rc1
    Release Candidate 1 for v1.9.0 Quacking Duck
  • v1.8.2
    7ec7a33a · Release v1.8.2 Pekin Duck ·
    2019-12-09 v1.8.2 "Pekin Duck"
      This release collects incremental improvements to many aspects of the library.
      - Upgrading:
        ARCH_* defines have been removed in favor of VPX_ARCH_*.
  • v1.8.1
    2019-07-15 v1.8.1 "Orpington Duck"
      This release collects incremental improvements to many aspects of the library.
      - Upgrading:
        VP8E_SET_CPUUSED now accepts values up to 9 for vp9.
        VPX_CTRL_VP9E_SET_MAX_INTER_BITRATE_PCT had a spelling fix (was VP8E).
        The --sdk-path option has been removed. If you were using it to build for
          Android please read build/make/ for alternatives.
        All PPC optimizations have been disabled:

      - Enhancements:
        Various changes to improve encoder rate control, quality and speed
          for practically every use case.
      - Bug fixes:
        vp9-rtc: Fix color artifacts for speed >= 8.
  • v1.8.0
    2019-01-31 v1.8.0 "Northern Shoveler Duck"
      This release focused on encoding performance for realtime and VOD use cases.
      - Upgrading:
        This adds and improves several vp9 controls. Most are related to SVC:
            - Frame dropping in SVC.
            - Inter-layer prediction in SVC.
            - Enable long term temporal reference in SVC.
            - Extend and improve this control for better flexibility in setting SVC
              pattern dynamically.
            - Allow for post-encode frame dropping (applies to non-SVC too).
            - Enable spatial layer sync frames.
            - Extend api to specify temporal id for each spatial layers.
            - Extend Region of Interest functionality to VP9.
      - Enhancements:
        2 pass vp9 encoding has improved substantially. When using --auto-alt-ref=6,
        we see approximately 8% for VBR and 10% for CQ. When using --auto-alt-ref=1,
        the gains are approximately 4% for VBR and 5% for CQ.
        For real-time encoding, speed 7 has improved by ~5-10%. Encodes targeted at
        screen sharing have improved when the content changes significantly (slide
        sharing) or scrolls. There is a new speed 9 setting for mobile devices which
        is about 10-20% faster than speed 8.
      - Bug fixes:
        VP9 denoiser issue.
        VP9 partition issue for 1080p.
        VP9 rate control improvments.
        Postprocessing Multi Frame Quality Enhancement (MFQE) issue.
        VP8 multithread decoder issues.
        A variety of fuzzing issues.
  • v1.7.0
    2017-01-04 v1.7.0 "Mandarin Duck"
      This release focused on high bit depth performance (10/12 bit) and vp9
      encoding improvements.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI incompatible due to new vp9 encoder features.
        Frame parallel decoding for vp9 has been removed.
      - Enhancements:
        vp9 encoding supports additional threads with --row-mt. This can be greater
        than the number of tiles.
        Two new vp9 encoder options have been added:
        Additional tooling for respecting the vp9 "level" profiles has been added.
      - Bug fixes:
        A variety of fuzzing issues.
        vp8 threading fix for ARM.
        Codec control VP9_SET_SKIP_LOOP_FILTER fixed.
        Reject invalid multi resolution configurations.
  • v1.6.1
    2017-01-09 v1.6.1 "Long Tailed Duck"
      This release improves upon the VP9 encoder and speeds up the encoding and
      decoding processes.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI compatible with 1.6.0.
      - Enhancements:
        Faster VP9 encoding and decoding.
        High bit depth builds now provide similar speed for 8 bit encode and decode
        for x86 targets. Other platforms and higher bit depth improvements are in
      - Bug Fixes:
        A variety of fuzzing issues.
  • v1.6.0
    2016-07-20 v1.6.0 "Khaki Campbell Duck"
      This release improves upon the VP9 encoder and speeds up the encoding and
      decoding processes.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI incompatible with 1.5.0 due to a new 'color_range' enum
        in vpx_image and some minor changes to the VP8_COMP structure.
        The default key frame interval for VP9 has changed from 128 to 9999.
      - Enhancement:
        A core focus has been performance for low end Intel processors. SSSE3
        instructions such as 'pshufb' have been avoided and instructions have been
        reordered to better accommodate the more constrained pipelines.
        As a result, devices based on Celeron processors have seen substantial
        decoding improvements. From Indian Runner Duck to Javan Whistling Duck,
        decoding speed improved between 10 and 30%. Between Javan Whistling Duck
        and Khaki Campbell Duck, it improved another 10 to 15%.
        While Celeron benefited most, Core-i5 also improved 5% and 10% between the
        respective releases.
        Realtime performance for WebRTC for both speed and quality has received a
        lot of attention.
      - Bug Fixes:
        A number of fuzzing issues, found variously by Mozilla, Chromium and others,
        have been fixed and we strongly recommend updating.
  • v1.5.0
    cbecf57f · Release v1.5.0 ·
    2015-11-09 v1.5.0 "Javan Whistling Duck"
      This release improves upon the VP9 encoder and speeds up the encoding and
      decoding processes.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI incompatible with 1.4.0. It drops deprecated VP8
        controls and adds a variety of VP9 controls for testing.
        The vpxenc utility now prefers VP9 by default.
      - Enhancements:
        Faster VP9 encoding and decoding
        Smaller library size by combining functions used by VP8 and VP9
      - Bug Fixes:
        A variety of fuzzing issues
  • v1.4.0
    2015-04-03 v1.4.0 "Indian Runner Duck"
      This release includes significant improvements to the VP9 codec.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI incompatible with 1.3.0. It drops the compatibility
        layer, requiring VPX_IMG_FMT_* instead of IMG_FMT_*, and adds several codec
        controls for VP9.
      - Enhancements:
        Faster VP9 encoding and decoding
        Multithreaded VP9 decoding (tile and frame-based)
        Multithreaded VP9 encoding - on by default
        YUV 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 support in VP9
        10 and 12bit support in VP9
        64bit ARM support by replacing ARM assembly with intrinsics
      - Bug Fixes:
        Fixes a VP9 bitstream issue in Profile 1. This only affected non-YUV 4:2:0
      - Known Issues:
        Frame Parallel decoding fails for segmented and non-420 files.
  • v1.3.0
    2013-11-15 v1.3.0 "Forest"
      This release introduces the VP9 codec in a backward-compatible way.
      All existing users of VP8 can continue to use the library without
      modification. However, some VP8 options do not map to VP9 in the same manner.
      The VP9 encoder in this release is not feature complete. Users interested in
      the encoder are advised to use the git master branch and discuss issues on
      libvpx mailing lists.
      - Upgrading:
        This release is ABI and API compatible with Duclair (v1.0.0). Users
        of older releases should refer to the Upgrading notes in this document
        for that release.
      - Enhancements:
          Get rid of bashisms in the main build scripts
          Added usage info on command line options
          Add lossless compression mode
          Dll build of libvpx
          Add additional Mac OS X targets: 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (darwin11-13)
          Add option to disable documentation
          configure: add --enable-external-build support
          make: support V=1 as short form of verbose=yes
          configure: support mingw-w64
          configure: support hardfloat armv7 CHOSTS
          configure: add support for android x86
          Add estimated completion time to vpxenc
          Don't exit on decode errors in vpxenc
          vpxenc: support scaling prior to encoding
          vpxdec: support scaling output
          vpxenc: improve progress indicators with --skip
          msvs: Don't link to winmm.lib
          Add a new script for producing vcxproj files
          Produce Visual Studio 10 and 11 project files
          Produce Windows Phone project files
          msvs-build: use msbuild for vs >= 2005
          configure: default configure log to config.log
          Add encoding option --static-thresh
      - Speed:
          Miscellaneous speed optimizations for VP8 and VP9.
      - Quality:
          In general, quality is consistent with the Eider release.
      - Bug Fixes:
          This release represents approximately a year of engineering effort,
          and contains multiple bug fixes. Please refer to git history for details.