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Release v1.13.0 Ugly Duckling

2023-01-31 v1.13.0 "Ugly Duckling"

  This release includes more Neon and AVX2 optimizations, adds a new codec
  control to set per frame QP, upgrades GoogleTest to v1.12.1, and includes
  numerous bug fixes.

- Upgrading:
    This release is ABI incompatible with the previous release.

    New codec control VP9E_SET_QUANTIZER_ONE_PASS to set per frame QP.

    GoogleTest is upgraded to v1.12.1.

    .clang-format is upgraded to clang-format-11.

    VPX_EXT_RATECTRL_ABI_VERSION was bumped due to incompatible changes to the
    feature of using external rate control models for vp9.

- Enhancement:
    Numerous improvements on Neon optimizations.
    Numerous improvements on AVX2 optimizations.
    Additional ARM targets added for Visual Studio.

- Bug fixes:
    Fix to calculating internal stats when frame dropped.
    Fix to segfault for external resize test in vp9.
    Fix to build system with replacing egrep with grep -E.
    Fix to a few bugs with external RTC rate control library.
    Fix to make SVC work with VBR.
    Fix to key frame setting in VP9 external RC.
    Fix to -Wimplicit-int (Clang 16).
    Fix to VP8 external RC for buffer levels.
    Fix to VP8 external RC for dynamic update of layers.
    Fix to VP9 auto level.
    Fix to off-by-one error of max w/h in validate_config.
    Fix to make SVC work for Profile 1.