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Release v1.12.0 Torrent Duck

2022-06-17 v1.12.0 "Torrent Duck"

  This release adds optimizations for Loongarch, adds support for vp8 in the
  real-time rate control library, upgrades GoogleTest to v1.11.0, updates
  libwebm to libwebm-, and includes numerous bug fixes.

- Upgrading:
    This release is ABI compatible with the previous release.
    vp8 support in the real-time rate control library.
    New codec control VP8E_SET_RTC_EXTERNAL_RATECTRL is added.
    Configure support for darwin21 is added.
    GoogleTest is upgraded to v1.11.0.
    libwebm is updated to libwebm-

- Enhancement:
    Numerous improvements on checking memory allocations.
    Optimizations for Loongarch.
    Code clean-up.

- Bug fixes:
    Fix to a crash related to {vp8/vp9}_set_roi_map.
    Fix to compiling failure with -Wformat-nonliteral.
    Fix to integer overflow with vp9 with high resolution content.
    Fix to AddNoiseTest failure with ARMv7.
    Fix to libvpx Null-dereference READ in vp8.