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2013-11-15 v1.3.0 "Forest"
  This release introduces the VP9 codec in a backward-compatible way.
  All existing users of VP8 can continue to use the library without
  modification. However, some VP8 options do not map to VP9 in the same manner.

  The VP9 encoder in this release is not feature complete. Users interested in
  the encoder are advised to use the git master branch and discuss issues on
  libvpx mailing lists.

  - Upgrading:
    This release is ABI and API compatible with Duclair (v1.0.0). Users
    of older releases should refer to the Upgrading notes in this document
    for that release.

  - Enhancements:
      Get rid of bashisms in the main build scripts
      Added usage info on command line options
      Add lossless compression mode
      Dll build of libvpx
      Add additional Mac OS X targets: 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (darwin11-13)
      Add option to disable documentation
      configure: add --enable-external-build support
      make: support V=1 as short form of verbose=yes
      configure: support mingw-w64
      configure: support hardfloat armv7 CHOSTS
      configure: add support for android x86
      Add estimated completion time to vpxenc
      Don't exit on decode errors in vpxenc
      vpxenc: support scaling prior to encoding
      vpxdec: support scaling output
      vpxenc: improve progress indicators with --skip
      msvs: Don't link to winmm.lib
      Add a new script for producing vcxproj files
      Produce Visual Studio 10 and 11 project files
      Produce Windows Phone project files
      msvs-build: use msbuild for vs >= 2005
      configure: default configure log to config.log
      Add encoding option --static-thresh

  - Speed:
      Miscellaneous speed optimizations for VP8 and VP9.

  - Quality:
      In general, quality is consistent with the Eider release.

  - Bug Fixes:
      This release represents approximately a year of engineering effort,
      and contains multiple bug fixes. Please refer to git history for details.