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amd: add support for tiled multi-planar formats

Simon Ser requested to merge emersion/mesa:nv12 into master

The goal of this merge request is to allow radeonsi's VA-API driver to produce NV12 buffers that can be scanned out by KMS on a rotated hw plane. amdgpu requires buffers to have a tiled (ie, non-linear) layout for rotated hw planes. This MR can be tested together with an amdgpu patch.

The first part of this MR adds support for VASurfaceAttribDRMFormatModifiers, a new VA-API surface attribute that allows applications to choose the format modifier picked by the driver for buffer allocations. The second part of this MR enables non-linear multi-planar buffers for all of the Mesa AMD drivers.

cc @bnieuwenhuizen @mareko @leoliu

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