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Draft: Introduce wlr_configurable

Kirill Primak requested to merge vyivel/wlroots:configurable into master
shimarin $ ~/opt/wlroots grep "// First find the ack'ed configure" types -R | wc -l 

Closes #3206

This MR introduces wlr_configurable, a simple abstraction used to keep track of sent and received configures. Configurable objects don't receive a configure event immediately; instead, the event is delayed, allowing for protocol extensions to send their own configures alongside the way in any order. A wlr_configure which can store multiple object-specific configures tied to the same configure serial is used to achieve that.

TODO: add docs

Breaking changes

  • wlr_xdg_surface_configure has been removed.
  •{ack_,}configure now have wlr_configure instead of wlr_xdg_surface_configure as their argument.
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