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Support DRM backend without GBM

Stefan Agner requested to merge agners/weston:support-drm-without-gbm into master

This allows to build the DRM backend without GBM/EGL, e.g. by using:

meson build/ -Dsimple-dmabuf-drm=intel -Dsimple-clients=shm,im,damage -Dremoting=false -Dbackend-drm-screencast-vaapi=false -Dbackend-drm-virtual=false -Drenderer-gl=false

It separates virtual DRM support into a separate file drm-virtual.c and adds an option to build it independently.

It then also separates the egl/init dependent functions to drm-egl.c. Some remaining pieces are ifdef'd in drm.c, fb.c and state-propose.c.

Fixes #258 (closed)

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