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    Add section on power considerations · dd834d41
    Harry Wentland authored
    - Add mention that AMD display pipeline color-processing block's impact
      on power are negligible in comparison to memory bandwidth and GPU
      power (Sebastian)
    - Add link to (Pekka)
    - Make it clear that compositors don't currently do color space conversions.
      Applications will perform their own color space conversion when required,
      such as when playing back HDR videos. (Sebastian)
    - Avoid some generalizations about color-managed compositor behavior while
      highlighting that a color-managed compositor will likely have a larger GPU
      and memory bandwidth usage (Pekka)
    - Clarify the importance of 3D LUT for high-quality tone-, and gamut-mapping
    - Soften language of power-saving implications of RGB 10bpc scanout instead of
      FP16 scanout (Harry)
    - Add blurb on de-linearizing content post-blending when needed (Sebastian)
    - Use unambiguous language to refer to the display controller, instead of the
      actual display (Pekka)
    - Spell out PWL, and TF acronyms when first introduced (Pekka)
    - Clarify the de-linearization and linearization performed on drm_plane and
      drm_crtc respectively for the video use case (Pekka)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarHarry Wentland <>