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intel/compiler/gfx20+: Implement sub-dword integer regioning restrictions.

Francisco Jerez requested to merge currojerez/mesa:xe2-subdw-regioning into main

This MR introduces code to enforce the pages-long regioning restrictions introduced by Xe2 that apply to sub-dword integer datatypes (See BSpec page 56640). They impose a number of restrictions on what the regioning parameters of a source can be depending on the source and destination datatypes as well as the alignment of the destination. The tricky cases are when the destination stride is smaller than 32 bits and the source stride is at least 32 bits, since such cases require the destination and source offsets to be in agreement based on an equation determined by the source and destination strides. The second source of instructions with multiple sources is even more restricted, and due to the existence of hardware bug HSDES#16012383669 it basically requires the source data to be packed in the GRF if the destination stride isn't dword-aligned.

In order to address those restrictions this patch leverages the existing infrastructure from brw_fs_lower_regioning.cpp. The same general approach can be used to handle this restriction we were using to handle restrictions of the floating-point pipeline in previous generations: Unsupported source regions are lowered by emitting an additional copy before the instruction that shuffles the data in a way that allows using a valid region in the original instruction. The main difficulty that wasn't encountered in previous platforms is that it is non-trivial to come up with a copy instruction that doesn't break the regioning restrictions itself, since on previous platforms we could just bitcast floating-point data and use integer copies in order to implement arbitrary regioning, which is unfortunately no longer a choice lacking a magic third pipeline able to do the regioning modes the integer pipeline is no longer able to do.

This MR fixes about 1800 failures on LNL CI, and seems to prevent any regressions from the validation MR !28636.

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