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gallium: make it the frontend's responsibility to link libgalliumvl

Karol Herbst requested to merge karolherbst/mesa:rusticl/galliumvl into main

I don't know if we really want to care about 100kB per frontend, the more optimal solution to me sounds like splitting up drivers into video/3d/compute/common bits and make frontends decide what they want to link in, but that also sounds like a lot of work 😄

Alternatively, we can also just drop libgalliumvl_stub and make drivers who support video acceleration simply link against libgalliumvl instead and frontends won't have to bother.

I mostly want to figure out here what others think and where we actually want to go. This series just cleans up what we currently have and makes it more consistent.

See !26677 (closed) for some of the discussion.

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