wasapi2: Introduce new WASAPI plugin

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Direction was changed. Instead of rework old wasapi plugin, will add new implementation only for Windows 10 (for now, but we can add support for old OS later)

wasapi2: Introduce new WASAPI plugin

Add a new wasapi implementation mainly to support UWP application.
Basically the core logic of this plugin is almost identical to
existing wasapi plugin, but main target is Windows 10 (+ UWP).
Since this plugin uses WinRT APIs, this plugin most likely might not
work Windows 8 or lower.

Compared with existing wasapi plugin, additional features of this plugin are
* Fully compatible with both Windows 10 desktop and UWP application
* Supports automatic stream routing (auto fallback when device was removed)
* Support device level mute/volume control

But some features of existing wasapi plugin are not implemented
in this plugin yet
* Exclusive streaming mode is not supported
* Loopback feature is not implemented
* Cross-compile is not possible with current mingw toolchain
  (meaning that MSVC and Windows 10 SDK are required to build this plugin)
wasapi2: Add device provider implementation

Similar to device provider implementation of wasapi plugin,
this implementation supports only static probing.
But we can implement runtime device add/remove/update
monitoring using DeviceWatcher interface later.

See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/api/windows.devices.enumeration.devicewatcher
tests: wasapi2: Add unit test for reusing wasapisrc

Test state change between playing and null and playing again

Fixes: #1165 (closed)

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