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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • MSYS2
    MSYS2 Unix-emulation environment on Windows
  • You had a problem, so you solved it with threads, and two now problem you (Segmentation fault, core dumped.)
  • Label for issues with patches that have not been converted into merge requests
  • SELinux
    dbus / dbus
    Issues involving the SELinux LSM on Linux
  • Specification
    dbus / dbus
    The D-Bus specification
  • systemd services
    dbus / dbus
    Issues involving dbus.service and dbus.socket
  • Tests
    Bugs and missing coverage in build-time or integration tests
  • tools
    dbus / dbus
    dbus-launch, dbus-monitor, dbus-send and other ancillary tools
  • Unix
    Issue affects many/all Unix OSs (Linux, *BSD, macOS, etc.)
  • Windows
    Issue is specific to Windows