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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • CMake
    dbus / dbus
    CMake build system
  • Containers
    dbus / dbus
    Issues involving the Containers1 interface
  • Cygwin
    Issues involving the Cygwin Unix-emulation runtime on Windows
  • dbus-daemon
    dbus / dbus
    Bugs and feature requests for the reference message bus daemon (dbus-daemon)
  • Deprecated functionality, features that might be removed, platform support that might be dropped
  • FreeBSD
    FreeBSD and closely related OSs
  • internals
    dbus / dbus
    Bugs in internal library code used to implement libdbus, dbus-daemon and/or tools, such as DBusHash.
  • libdbus
    dbus / dbus
    The reference D-Bus shared library
  • Linux
    Issue is specific to Linux
  • macOS
    Issue is specific to macOS
  • Meson
    dbus / dbus
    Meson build system (dbus 1.15+ only)
  • mingw-w64
    gcc compilers that produce native Windows executables targeting MSVCRT
  • MSVC
    dbus / dbus
    Microsoft Visual C++ compiler