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Don't remove an existing monitor from an output if another monitor is added

Michael Wyraz requested to merge mwyraz/xserver:feature/split-screen into master

In commit 7e1f86d4 monitor support was added to randr. At this time it seemed to be reasonable not to have more than one (virtual) monitor on a particular physical display. The code was never changed since.

Nowadays, extremely large displays exists (4k displays, ultra-wide displays). In some use cases it makes sense to split these large physical displays into multiple virtual monitors. An example are ultra-wide screens that can be split into 2 monitors. The change in this commit makes this work.

Besides that, removing a monitor in a function that is called "RRMonitorAdd" is bad practice and causes unexpected behaviour.

More information and discussion can be found at .

Are there possible impact to people that rely on this feature?

Potentially, that change breaks scripts that adds a monitor to a display where already a monitor exists. In my opinion it is very unlikely that such situations exists. There may be scripts that add a single monitor to a screen so that the monitor has a name different from the implicit default monitor name that is assigned if no user defined monitor is added to a screen. This still works as before with my change. Besides that, it is always possible to delete existing monitors with randr/xrandr.

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