[xwayland-22.1] Backport fixes

Backport several fixes cherry-picked from the master branch, namely:

  • e37eeb7a xwayland: Aggregate scroll axis events to fix kinetic scrolling
  • 18f91b95 xkb: fix some possible memleaks in XkbGetKbdByName
  • 44ae6f44 xkb: length-check XkbGetKbdByName before accessing the fields
  • 1bb7767f xkb: length-check XkbListComponents before accessing the fields
  • 11beef0b xkb: proof GetCountedString against request length attacks
  • 2efa6d65 dix: Fix overzealous caching of ResourceClientBits()
  • 354e39ee xwayland: correct the type for the discrete scroll events
  • f0b2eeaf xwayland: Add break statements in pointer_handle_axis
  • 79c572fb xkb: Avoid length-check failure on empty strings.
  • 4603d644 ci: remove redundant slash in libxcvt repository url
  • f778b56a dix: Skip more code in SetRootClip for ROOT_CLIP_INPUT_ONLY
  • a77d95af xwayland: Prevent Xserver grabs with rootless

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