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_XkbSetMapCheckLength: Drop check for XkbSetMapResizeTypes

Ray Strode requested to merge halfline/xserver:fix-XkbChangeMap into master

Commit 446ff2d3 added checks to prevalidate the size of incoming SetMap requests.

That commit checks for the XkbSetMapResizeTypes flag to be set before allowing key types data to be processed.

key types data can be changed or even just sent wholesale unchanged without the number of key types changing, however. The check for XkbSetMapResizeTypes rejects those legitimate requests. In particular, XkbChangeMap never sets XkbSetMapResizeTypes and so always fails now any time XkbKeyTypesMask is in the changed mask.

This commit drops the check for XkbSetMapResizeTypes in flags when prevalidating the request length.

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