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modesetting: Enable GAMMA_LUT for lut's with up to 4096 slots.

Mario Kleiner requested to merge kleinerm/xserver:gammalutfix into master

A lut size of 4096 slots has been verified to work correctly, as tested with amdgpu-kms. Intel Tigerlake Gen12 hw has a very large GAMMA_LUT size of 262145 slots, but also issues with its current GAMMA_LUT implementation, as of Linux 5.14.

Therefore we keep GAMMA_LUT off for large lut's. This currently excludes Intel Icelake, Tigerlake and later.

This can be overriden via the "UseGammaLUT" boolean xorg.conf option to force use of GAMMA_LUT on or off.

See following link for the Tigerlake situation: drm/intel#3916 (comment 1085315)

Signed-off-by: Mario Kleiner

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