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xi: Implement support for XI 2.4 touchpad gestures

Povilas Kanapickas requested to merge p12tic/xserver:xi2-gestures into master

This implements support for XI 2.4 touchpad gestures described in a spec draft in this MR: xorg/proto/xorgproto!18 (merged)

The MR effectively routes libinput touchpad swipe and pinch events throughout the X server.

The MR can effectively divided into three parts:

  • First 9 commits that perform trivial refactoring that affects the rest of X server code. It may make sense to merge these commits earlier as that would make the review of the rest of PR easier. I guess that requires an agreement that the PR is good in principle. (landed already)

  • All other commits except p12tic/xserver@20fe52f8 implement straightforward logic.

  • p12tic/xserver@20fe52f8 which implements actual gesture processing logic and will need really careful review.

Related MRs:

libinput input driver: xorg/driver/xf86-input-libinput!17 (merged)

libXi: xorg/lib/libxi!5 (merged)

The PR currently includes !672 (closed) to support building in CI, it will be rebased on top once that MR lands.

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