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modesetting: Improve page-flip error reporting

3 improvements to page-flip error reporting:

  1. Currently on present-flip failures we log 2 messages for each failure, 1 from ms_do_pageflip and then another one from ms_present_flip which is the caller of ms_do_pageflip. This commit adds a log_prefix argument to ms_do_pageflip so that its log messages can show if it is a DRI2 or a Present flip which fails and removes the redundant error message from ms_present_flip.

  2. Before this commit ms_do_pageflip logged a single error for both the drmmode_bo_import failure path as well as for the queue_flip_on_crtc path. This commit splits this into 2 separate error logs so that it is clear what the cause of the flip-failure is.

  3. When we hit issue #871 (closed), drmmode_bo_import fails every flip, filling the log with an endless list of errors. This commit changes the logging for drmmode_bo_import failures to only log these once, so that we do not fill up the disk with error messages. We should really catch this at ms_present_check_flip time, like the amdgpu code is doing since: xorg/driver/xf86-video-amdgpu!35 (merged) but that requires a chunk of refactoring work on the modesetting driver, so for now this will have to do.

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