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Xvfb render node/glamor support

Emil Velikov requested to merge xexaxo/xserver:sent/xvfb-render-node into master

This MR exactly what it says on the tin - adds glamor support for Xvfb.

In the process of doing so, it removes the xf86 specifics from glamor_egl (glamor_xv still needs work). Then using it for Xvfb, while making possible Xwayland to drop it's glamor_egl-like implementation. But that for another day.

Current MR works like a charm with glxinfo, glxgears, waffle and apitrace.

Some nitpicks for later series:

  • double-check the pixmap wrapping and fix any violations Revert the two NULL check patches and go to town.
  • split and cleanup glamor vs dri3 - i915 barfs a DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_CONTEXT_DESTROY failed: Bad file descriptor
  • make the node name configurable Env. variable is ugly, Xvfb has no config file support... cmdline argument?

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