hw/xwin: Remove mwextwm mode

Merged Jon Turney requested to merge jturney/xserver:remove-mwextwm into master

This has always been described as 'experimental'

We don't think this has any users: This mode has been disabled in Cygwin packages since March 2016. We've never provided the xwinwm WM for x86_64 Cygwin. No one has even asked where the option has gone.

This leaves XQuartz as the only user of the rootless extension.

  • Remove --enable-windowswm configure option
  • Remove multiwindowextwm stuff from Makefiles
  • Remove -mwextwm option
  • Remove -mwextwm from man-page and help


  • Remove rootless include paths
  • Remove windowswmproto from meson.build

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