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xsync: Add resource inside of SyncCreate, export SyncCreate

Alex Goins requested to merge agoins/xserver:agoins-xsync into master

As shown by DRI3 adding the SyncCreateFenceFromFD() function, extensions may want to create a fence, then initialize it in their own way. This currently can't be done without adding a function directly to Xext/sync.c due to the fact that the RTFence resource type is private and there is no external interface to add to it.

To facilitate other X extensions creating fences and initializing them, this change exports SyncCreate() and adds the resource directly within it. Callers no longer need to call AddResource() after SyncCreate(), they only need to initialize the SyncObject.

To prevent FreeFence() and FreeCounter() from segfaulting if the call to AddResource() fails before the sync object is initialized, this adds a new 'initialized' parameter to SyncObject that, when FALSE, causes FreeFence() and FreeCounter() to skip de-initialization and simply free the object. Initialization after adding the resource shouldn't otherwise be a problem due to the single-threaded nature of X.

Signed-off-by: Alex Goins

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