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xwayland: use write fence in xwl_glamor_dmabuf_import_sync_file

Erik Kurzinger requested to merge ekurzinger/xserver:explicit-sync-fix into master

The functions xwl_glamor_dmabuf_import_sync_file and xwl_glamor_dmabuf_export_sync_file are used to ensure proper synchronization between clients using PresentPixmapSynced and compositors that do not support the wp_linux_drm_syncobj_v1 protocol when presenting by flipping. The acquire point's fence will be imported as the DMA-BUF's implicit fence before handing it off to the compositor, and then, after the DMA-BUF has been released, its new implicit fence will be exported and become the release point's fence which the client is expected to wait for before re-using the buffer.

Both functions currently set the flags arguments of their respective ioctls to DMA_BUF_SYNC_READ. When importing a sync file, this means that any subsequent implicitly synchronized reads from the buffer will not wait for the fence, and when exporting a sync file it means that the returned fence may be signaled before preceeding reads from the buffer have completed.

While this is correct for xwl_glamor_dmabuf_export_sync_file since the compositor will never write to the buffer, it is incorrect for xwl_glamor_dmabuf_import_sync_file. To avoid corruption, we need any reads from the buffer by the compositor to wait on the acquire point's fence.

As a fix, instead of setting the DMA_BUF_SYNC_READ flag in xwl_glamor_dmabuf_import_sync_file, we set the DMA_BUF_SYNC_WRITE flag. This does provide the necessary guarantees.

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