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[xserver 21.1] mi: fix rounding issues around zero in miPointerSetPosition

Fixes: #577 (closed)

This patch replaces the instances of trunc in miPointerSetPosition by floor, thereby removing the incorrect behaviour with subpixel pointer locations between -1 and 0.

This is the relevant code fragment:

/* In the event we actually change screen or we get confined, we just
 * drop the float component on the floor
 * FIXME: only drop remainder for ConstrainCursorHarder, not for screen
 * crossings */
if (x != trunc(*screenx))
    *screenx = x;
if (y != trunc(*screeny))
    *screeny = y;

The behaviour of this code does not match its comment for subpixel coordinates between -1 and 0. For example, if *screenx is -0.5, the preceding code would (correctly) clamp x to 0, but this would not be detected by this condition, since 0 == trunc(-0.5), leaving *screenx at -0.5, out of bounds.

This causes undesirable behaviour in GTK3 code using xi2, where negative subpixel coordinates like this would (to all appearances randomly) remove the focus from windows aligned with the zero boundary when the mouse hits the left or top screen boundaries.

The other occurences of trunc in miPointerSetPosition have a more subtle effect which would prevent proper clamping if there is a pointer limit at a negative integer rather than at 0. This patch changes these to floor for consistency.

Signed-off-by: Willem Jan Palenstijn Part-of: !1451 (merged) (cherry picked from commit 0ee4ed28)

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