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Revert the depth 32 optimizations

This is a request to revert the optimizations to avoid implicit redirection with depth 32 parent windows (!1131 (merged)) but also the following fixes of the regressions, and regressions of the regressions (!1154 (merged), !1234 (merged), !1238 (merged)).

Sometimes even the fixes for a regression introduced new regressions, for example commit d1bbf82d was added to fix a regression (in GNOME Shell) introduced with commit d1f14289, which was a fix for a regression (#1575 (closed)) introduced with commit 8ed4308e.

Sometimes I am not able to find a satisfactory fix for a regression, as with !1436 to fix #1655 (closed).

Sometimes I spend several days trying to reproduce an issue that occurs in the code that changed to support the functionality, and still fail to make complete sense of the problem, as with #1656 (closed).

I understand this is a bit of a controversial move, and I apologize in advance for that, but I am a little bit worried with the number of regressions these optimizations have introduced in the past year, so I am posting this merge request as a possibility we may need to consider if we want to move forward with Xwayland 24.1.

For now, it's just a draft, as something we can consider.

/cc @daenzer

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