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[v2] os: drop SUN-DES-1 authentication

Here's an draft for dropping the outdated SUN-DES-1 authentication entirely. See discussion in !1441 (merged).

Short summary:

  • relies on RPC DES authentication method, which is being dropped by more and more platforms
  • FTBS on NetBSD 10 (which already dropped DES)
  • superseeded by better auth methods
  • dating back to time before local client creds could be retrieved from sockets (eg. getpeereid() et al).
  • even on Solaris, build-time disabled for about a decade now
  • doesn't seem to be practically used anymore

Changes v2:

  • dropped some more remains in the build files
  • dropped draft status
Edited by Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult

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