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[v6] ci: add FreeBSD build

Enrico Weigelt requested to merge metux/xserver:submit/ci-freebsd into master

Adding FreeBSD based build to our CI, so bugs can be found earlier.

It also contains a little patch to repair some FTBS regression from a recently merged MR, so the pipeline runs through.

There're still a bunch of warnings, but these will be handled separately.

Changes v6:

  • minor syntax cleanups
  • resolved conflicts

Changes v5:

  • split out xorgproto git url into variable
  • tweak PKG_CONFIG_PATH instead of copying over *.pc files

Changes v4:

  • added local xorgproto build, since the version on FreeBSD image is too old

Changes v3:

  • using date as docker image tag
  • added comment on why extra git gc call is (currently) necessary

Changes v2:

  • refactored it
  • now using
  • tests still skipped - not working on freebsd yet.
  • added patch for cleaning up the FDO_DISTRIBUTION_* variables
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