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xfree86: os-support: unexport DEV_MEM defines

Enrico Weigelt requested to merge metux/xserver:submit/bsd-DEV_MEM into master

patch 1:

DEV_MEM define isn't used by any drivers, and BSD seems to be the only platform using /dev/pmem instead of /dev/mem - as well as the DEV_MEM define from xf86_OSlib.h (Linux uses the symbol, but defines on its own)

Therefore, just define it where actually used and drop it from the global xf86OSlib.h file.

Note that /dev/pmem refers to physical memory, not to be mixed up with Linux's persistent memory subsys, which uses /dev/pmem[N] device nodes.

patch 2:

consolidate several duplicated defines in the bsd os-support into one private header.

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