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fb: Fix fbComposite source and mask clipping

Peter Harris requested to merge peterh/xserver:compclip into master

The render specification says that the user's clip is applied to both input and output. Other backends (eg. glamor and exa) clip the source and mask via miComputeCompositeRegion. Instead, fb relies on pixman to do all of the clipping, but pixman cannot clip the source unless we tell it the clip that should be applied to the source.

fbComposite originally set the clip parameter of image_from_pict to TRUE before commit a72c65e9 "fb: Adjust transform or composite coordinates for pixman operations". That commit talks about origin adjustments, but makes no mention of clipping, which leads me to believe that the change from TRUE to FALSE was unintentional.

I noticed this due to a massive performance regression when running x11perf under marco (the window manager of the MATE desktop environment). marco sets a clip on the source picture before calling RenderComposite to update the screen, rather than the destination picture.

Signed-off-by: Peter Harris

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