test: Xwayland doesn't start when another X server is running

José Expósito requested to merge jexposit/xserver:test-timeout-local into master

When running the xserver:xwayland / XTS test in an environment where an X server is running for :0, Xwayland fails to start with error:

Fatal server error:
(EE) Server is already active for display 0
    If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock
    and start again.

And the timeout command fails instead of waiting for Weston to initialize.

Add the -displayfd parameter to Xwayland to avoid this issue.

The -displayfd parameter lets Xwayland pick an unused display number, avoiding the start up error when an X server is already active for :0, the default display number.

Suggested-by: Michel Dänzer mdaenzer@redhat.com
Signed-off-by: José Expósito jexposit@redhat.com

@daenzer I experimented with timeout's --kill-after and --signal paremeters but they doesn't seem to trigger the timeput as expected.

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