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Mass code cleanup and other janitorial work

Alan Coopersmith requested to merge alanc/makedepend:misc into master
  • Reformat code into X.Org standard coding style
  • Remove register keyword from variable declarations
  • Variable scope reduction as suggested by cppcheck
  • Store predefined -D values in const char fields
  • find_includes: rename variables to avoid shadowing global
  • quoteColons: Remove redundant initialization of tmp
  • Use reallocarray() on systems that provide it
  • Handle some implicit conversion warnings from clang
  • Stop casting _parse_data pointers through (char *) and back
  • cppsetup: use C99 struct initialization
  • Make malloc error checking/reporting more consistent
  • Cache filename after realpath() processing
  • Call strrchr() instead of hand coding a custom version
  • Make more things static that aren't needed in more than one file

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