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Imake.tmpl: Invoke "ar cq" with binutils

Petr Pisar requested to merge ppisar/cf:arclq into master

GNU binutils 2.36 repurposed "l" modifier. It used to be ignored, now it specifies the dependencies of a static library to be recorded in an archive.

That broke nas which uses imake as a build configiration tool:

$ ar clq libdia.a dispatch.o dixutils.o events.o globals.o main.o resource.o swapreq.o tables.o swaprep.o audispatch.o auswap.o autables.o auevents.o auutil.o auconfig.o auprocess.o nasconf.o lex.o gram.o ar: libdeps specified more than once

This patch changes AR command from "ar clq" to "ar cq" if binutils are used.

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