Allow access to the original type in the XML

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xcbgen 'helpfully' transforms things to C types already so that libxcb does not have to do so. Thus, even though the XML says that a field has type CARD8, xcbgen will claim uint8_t. This might be a bit weird, but is so far totally fine.

However, the type mapping that xcbgen uses is not injective. All of CARD8, BYTE and BOOL get turned into uint8_t and the original type is lost.

This is totally fine for libxcb, but programming languages other than C do have built in boolean types. My personal problem is with Rust, where providing a boolean for an integer argument causes a compiler error. This results in (relatively) ugly "0 / 1" instead of "false / true".

This commit adds a new xml_type member to SimpleType. This type contains the original string that appeared in the XML file.

Since libxcb creates instances of SimpleType itself and to avoid breaking the API, the new argument to SimpleType.init defaults to None.

Signed-off-by: Uli Schlachter

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