dri3: Update dri3.xml to DRI3 1.3

Merged Austin Shafer requested to merge ashafer/xcbproto:master into master

This adds DRI3 1.3 support, which adds the DRI3SetDRMDeviceInUse request. This is just a mirror of the equivalent DRI3 protocol MR: xorgproto!45 (merged)

From that MR's description:

"DRI3SetDRMDeviceInUse is a hint that lets a client tell the server
what DRM device it is currently using. This lets the server make
more informed decisions for what modifiers to return to the client.

This is needed for proper linux dmabuf feedback with Xwayland. Xwayland
needs to return a set of modifiers for a particular window for the device
that window is using. i.e. if linux_dmabuf feedback advertises a scanout
tranche on a device, we need a way to check which device a window is using
so we know if we should add that tranche to the window modifiers in the
GetSupportedModifiers request."

Please follow up with any protocol design concerns on the xorgproto MR.

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