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libXpm 3.5.17

Alan Coopersmith requested to merge alanc/libxpm:release into master

Alan Coopersmith (10):

  • Set close-on-exec when opening files
  • test: use g_pattern_spec_match_string if available
  • Explicitly mark non-static symbols as export or hidden
  • Fix CVE-2023-43788: Out of bounds read in XpmCreateXpmImageFromBuffer
  • test: Add test case for CVE-2023-43789 (corrupt colormap info)
  • Fix CVE-2023-43789: Out of bounds read on XPM with corrupted colormap
  • test: Add test case for CVE-2023-43786 (stack exhaustion in PutImage)
  • Avoid CVE-2023-43786: stack exhaustion in XPutImage()
  • test: Add test case for CVE-2023-43787 (integer overflow in XCreateImage)
  • libXpm 3.5.17

Yair Mizrahi (1):

  • Avoid CVE-2023-43787 (integer overflow in XCreateImage)

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