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Jan Beich requested to merge (removed):pthread-stubs into master

libpthread-stubs >= 0.4 isn't granular enough: checks too few or often unused. For example, libxcb uses

$ pkg info -ql libxcb | grep '.so$' | xargs nm -D | fgrep pthread_ | sort -u
                 U pthread_cond_broadcast
                 U pthread_cond_destroy
                 U pthread_cond_init
                 U pthread_cond_signal
                 U pthread_cond_wait
                 U pthread_mutex_destroy
                 U pthread_mutex_init
                 U pthread_mutex_lock
                 U pthread_mutex_unlock

all of which are stubbed

but libpthread-stubs itself wants pthread_condattr_*, so adds -pthread which expands to just -lpthread.

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