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Add IPA symbols for vowels

ArenaL 5 requested to merge ArenaL5/libx11:IPA into master

Following @benno's tip on !86 (closed), I'm creating separate merge requests for separate topics. In this case, I add two commits as one builds off the other:

  • the first commit adds sequences for symbols ɛ, ɜ and ɔ, which I couldn't find anywhere in Compose.pre. This adds new symbols.
  • the second doesn't add new symbols, but adds extra sequences with <dead_hook> to write ɝ and ɚ if your keyboard layout doesn't allow for ɜ or ə.

All the symbols above are used in the IPA, as can be seen in the commit messages. (Links point to Wikipedia, but it should be easy to find other examples of use of these symbols anywhere.)

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