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four commits: change the result of two compose sequences, add ten new ones, and reorder

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):currencies into master

The first patch changes the result of <Compose> <C> <bar> from ¢ (cent) to (cedi) -- because using an uppercase C to compose the symbol for a small coin like the cent is not a good fit, and also: <Compose> <C> <slash> does not result in ¢ (cent) either but in (colón). Having four sequences with a lowercase c plus a bar or a slash for composing ¢ (cent) should be enough.

The second patch adds obvious compose sequences for (the Paraguayan guaraní), (the Laos kip), and (the Mongolian tugrik). And two compose sequences for $ (dollar) too, for consistency and reinforcement.

The third patch rearranges the compose sequences for currency symbols in ascending code-point order.

And the fourth patch adds two compose sequences for ฿ (the Thai baht).

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