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nls: make the Amharic compose sequences use the dead-vowel symbols

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):deadvowels into master

Last year, commit 488b156f changed mistaken ASCII characters to the code points that were actually used in the Ethiopian keyboard layout.

But those code points were mistaken too: the intention was not to use the code point U+FE68 in the layout but the raw symbol code 0xfe68 -- and so on for the other codes. The symbols that these raw codes were intended to refer to were dead_a and friends. But these dead vowels were added under different codes: 0xfe80 to 0xfe8b.

So, correct the Amharic compose sequences to make use of the dead-vowel symbols that were specifically added for them fifteen years ago.

(As soon as this is merged, xkeyboard-config wil be changed too to use the dead vowels in the Ethiopian layout.)

Signed-off-by: Benno Schulenberg

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