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Revert "Update XPutBackEvent() to support clients that put back unpadded events"

yshui requested to merge yshui/libx11:master into master

This reverts commit d6d6cba9.

The reverted commit intended to fix the problem where an unpadded X event struct is passed into XPutBackEvent, by creating a padded struct with _XEventToWire and _XWireToEvent. However, _XWireToEvent updates the last sequence number in Display, which may cause xlib to complain about lost sequence numbers.

IMO, the problem that commit tried to solve is a bug in the client library, and workaround it inside Xlib is poor practice, especially given the problem the solution has caused. Plus, the offender cited in the original commit message, freeglut, has already fixed this problem.

Fixes: #176 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Yuxuan Shui

Edited by yshui

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