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Add some compose sequences for the Afnor French layout

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This key is used to emit letters from European languages with latin languages, and is specified in the standardized French keyboard (NF Z71-300, defined by the French office for standardisation AFNOR)


References and related work can be found here (in French): and there are also a couple of press releases in English:

This is the proposed “Eu level”, i.e. the layout when activating the newly defined dead key:

  • I have converted the key combinations and placed them into the Compose file right after the other French keys that are also used in this keyboard (most notably dead_greek).
  • The definition of the keycode to be used for dead_latin is at xorg/proto/xorgproto!60
  • There is no corresponding bug that I could find on − this ancient bug on creating the greek dead key seems related.
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