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nls: delete some pointless and wrong compose sequences meant for Bépo

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):bepo-excess into master

Fourteen years ago, commit 73029846 added some four hundred compose sequences for the benefit of the French Bépo layout. But among these four hundred there are several that use symbols that are not available in the Bépo layout and are thus impossible to type. Some of the used symbols, like Ahook, Ehook and Ohook, are not even present in any layout, making these sequences a dead weight in the Compose file.

The Amacron and Omacron are available only in the Latvian, Hawaiian, and Maori layouts, and the Omacron also in the Silesian layout. But the Latvian layouts and the Hawaiian do not contain any dead keys. Only in the Maori and Silesian layouts these sequences with Amacron and Omacron could be typed, but that was not why they were added.

More importantly, as James Cloos noted in issue #54 (closed), sequences like <dead_abovedot> <amacron> for generating ǡ (that is: the macron above the dot) are questionable, as in compose sequences generally the first accent typed is the uppermost in the composed character.

Reference: #54 (comment 17321)

Signed-off-by: Benno Schulenberg

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