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libpciaccess 0.17

Alan Coopersmith requested to merge alanc/libpciaccess:release into master
Alan Coopersmith (7):
      Build xz tarballs instead of bzip2
      Fix spelling/wording issues
      meson: install man page in mandir/man1/, not mandir/1/
      gitlab CI: add a basic build test for both autotools and meson
      gitlab CI: stop requiring Signed-off-by in commits Use pkg-config to find zlib dependency info
      libpciaccess 0.17

Chester Gillon (1):
      Obtain correct value of is_64 and is_prefetchable PCI device fields

Damien Zammit (7):
      hurd_pci: Use __pci_conf_ variants of pci_conf_
      x86: Use gnumach device instead of /dev/mem on GNU systems && factorise ifdefs
      x86: Remove mapping of regions during probe - otherwise remapping later fails
      x86: Remove probe during create, other backends don't do this
      hurd: device_open(pci), /servers/bus/pci fallback
      x86: Sort devices by B/D/F due to recursive scan
      hurd: Don't necessarily look up _SERVERS_BUS_PCI

Dylan Baker (2):
      Add a meson build system
      autoconf: Add meson files to dist tarball

Fabrice Fontaine (1): add Libs.Private

Joan Lledó (3):
      Hurd: avoid using the deprecated RPC pci_get_ndevs()
      hurd: Implement device memory mapping
      Hurd: Fix initialization order

Moritz Fischer (1):
      Add pci_device_disable() function

Petr Ovtchenkov (1):
      missed library installation in meson

Samuel Thibault (5):
      hurd: Add missing round up size in map_dev_mem
      hurd: Fix letting map_dev_mem map anywhere
      hurd: Fix map_dev_mem from non-zero address
      hurd: Restore initialization order
      hurd: Fix pci_device_hurd_map_legacy

Satadru Pramanik (1):
      Add support for building on macOS w/o X11, using endian code from "portable_endian.h"...

zhanghongtao (4):
      Add parentheses to the macro definition
      pci_sys set NULL after free
      Add header protection macro in linux_devmem.h
      Delete redundant symbols ';'

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