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    Add synaptics-0.14.6-poll-delay.patch from SuSE · a3d49306
    Florian Schäfer authored and Christoph Brill's avatar Christoph Brill committed
    syndaemon is a program that monitors keyboard activity and disables the
    touchpad when the keyboard is being used. Syndaemon is commonly used on laptop
    computers. Monitored with PowerTOP
    (http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/powertop/), syndaemon causing 45 wakeups a
    second because of a hardcoded 20 ms timer. This behavior significantly reduce
    battery life. This patch introduces a commandline switch to modify the poll
    Running e.g. "synadmon -m 500" uses a 500 ms timer instead of the hardcoded 20
    ms one, makes syndaemon disappear from PowerTOP, while still doing a accurate
    job. (bnc #386709)