Add support for custom pointer acceleration

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This patch adds support for the new custom pointer acceleration method in libinput, see libinput/libinput!775 (merged).

Adds new properties and xorg.conf entries for setting the acceleration function's points and step.

AccelProfile option can now accept custom value.

Add 4 new options which only apply when AccelProfile is custom:

  • Add AccelPointsFallback option for setting the points of the Fallback acceleration function. Points values are represented by a space-separated list, e.g. "0.0 1.0 2.4 2.5".
  • Add AccelStepFallback option for setting the step of the Fallback acceleration function. When a step of 0.0 is provided, libinput default Fallback acceleration function is used.
  • Add AccelPointsMotion and AccelStepMotion options, which are equivalent to AccelPointsFallback and AccelStepFallback options, but apply to the Motion acceleration function.

Based on !38 (closed).
Have been using the new custom profile on my machine for a while now, awaiting public testing.

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