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Switch to the real MIT license

Due to a copy/paste error, the COPYING file and subsequently created files with the same content referred to the "Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer - sell variant", not the proper MIT license.

For the code, use SPDX license identifiers instead, this way the copy-paste errors should be less likely to happen.

This is is effectively a license change, we'll need the ACK from all contributors. If you are listed here, please ACK in the comments and I'll add your Acked-by to the commit message, thanks.

List of committers with nontrivial patches:

No need for permission, things like typo fixes, etc.:

  • Boyan Ding
  • Emil Velikov
  • Eric Engestrom
  • Martin Kepplinger
  • Stanislav Ochotnicky
  • Yomi0
  • Povilas Kanapickas
Edited by Peter Hutterer

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