Modernize fonttosfnt

Jouke Witteveen requested to merge jouke/fonttosfnt:master into master

With Pango 1.44, support for PCF fonts has worsened. TrueType fonts with embedded bitmaps provide an alternative that is still supported. The format introduced with fonttosfnt is most commonly known as OpenType Bitmap (OTB). For example: . This extension was even blessed by Juliusz Chroboczek: .

In replacing bdftopcf with fonttosfnt, I found a few problems:

  1. There was a bug in a hardcoded description string
  2. Default parameters were chosen around 2003 and no longer reflect the real world
  3. Fonts could not be read from stdin, so fonttosfnt is no drop-in replacement for bdftopcf

This MR addresses all three issues.

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