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Add Ergo‑L layout to the French variant list

Léo Cazenave requested to merge NuclearSquid/xkeyboard-config:master into master

Hi ! Ergo‑L is an ergonomic keyboard layout meant to optimize the typing experience in French, English, and programing. Accents, diacritics and fancy typographic symbols are typed using a custom deadkey, but it is fully implemented in the keymap itself (as an ISO_Level5_Latch). No extra tweaks required ! Here is a more detailed presentation of the layout (in French).

Ergo‑L has been stable for quite some time, with the two last significant updates being released in January 2024 (prog / altgr layer update) and August 2023 (base / alphanum layer rework). Today the project is effectively finished : no more changes have been proposed to the layout over the last months in the dedicated Discord server, despite consistent activity there.

Estimating the number of users is quite hard, since we didn’t keep track of the number of downloads on the website (and even if we did, long-time users built the layout from source), but we have close to 200 members on the Discord server (195 at the time of writing), and we speak about the project in many FOSS events, the next one being later this month. Among the free and ergonomic keyboard layouts for French, Ergo‑L is the best-known layout after Bépo and it’s user base is consistently growing.

This MR aims to add Ergo‑L to xkb-config, along with an angle-mod variant made for ISO keyboards.

I’m the leader of this project, so feel free to ask any questions !

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