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Lennart Poettering's Executable Basedir changes

eode requested to merge eode/xdg-specs:master into master

Issue #14, Issue #63 (closed) (duplicate), Original bugzilla 106360

Main discussion in issue #14.

At creation time, this PR only has the three original patches from Bugzilla -- a credit fix, a formatting fix, and the following:

There is a single base directory relative to which user-specific executable files may be written.


User-specific executable files may be stored in $HOME/.local/bin. Distributions should ensure this directory shows up in the UNIX $PATH environment variable, at an appropriate place.

Since $HOME might be shared between systems of different achitectures, installing compiled binaries to $HOME/.local/bin could cause problems when used on systems of differing architectures. This is often not a problem, but the fact that $HOME becomes partially achitecture-specific if compiled binaries are placed in it should be kept in mind.

An environment variable used to specify the location of the user-specific executables dir was discussed, but rejected by @faure, who suggested sticking to the original patch set.

Edited by David Faure

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