shared-mime-info 1.13 (2019-11-09)

  • Add code of conduct document
  • Use itstool and gettext to generate translations
  • Add content-tree type for OSTree USB repositories
  • Add match for MPEG-4 v1 videos
  • Adjust a lot of user readable mime-type descriptions
  • Fix WOFF/WOFF2 mime-types
  • Prefer text/html to XHTML for *.html files
  • Better magic for text/html files
  • Fix SVG magic for files embedded in HTML
  • Add *.sgd as a glob for Mega Drive ROMs


  • Mention that sub-class-of can be aliases


  • Enable Large File Support in update-mime-database

Test suite:

  • Make test suite failures fatal
  • Add test for duplicate mime-types
  • Fix WarpScript test
  • Generate the specification in the CI, to avoid it becoming syntactically invalid